Sunday, April 08, 2007

Economics and Social Policy XXXVIII

Welcome to the Day of the Lord’s Resurrection, April 8, 2007 edition of Economics and Social Policy.

Alvaro Fernandez presents Baby Boomers, Healthy Aging and Job Performance posted at SharpBrains, saying, "With more and more professionals practicing beyond the traditional retirement age-how do we (and they) know when they stop being qualified? more importantly, what can we do to delay that moment?"

I’m not too worried about age in a lawyer or general practitioner. Continiuing to work in many professions keeps the brain young and sharp. If I needed a neurosurgeon or sniper, on the other hand….

Matthew Paulson presents How to Pay Taxes on Small Business Income posted at Getting Green, and Broke? How to Eat on $20 a Month posted at Getting To Graduation.

Mr. Paulson is rapidly turning into one of my favorite financial writers – there’s usually a slew of good stuff on personal finance on his sites. I recommend that you visit early and often.

Riversider presents Barrages and Wetland Ecosystems: the Environmental and Economic Impacts. posted at Save The Ribble.

Steven Silvers presents The good, bad and ugly of creating research to get publicity. posted at Scatterbox at, saying, "Each week a slew of companies and organizations announce new research findings designed to generate buzz for their brand, product or cause. And much of it does way more harm than good."

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