Sunday, April 22, 2007

Economics and Social Policy - XXXIV

Welcome to the April 22, 2007 edition of Economics and Social Policy.

Adam presents Woodrow Wilson Pleads the Fifth posted at Sophistpundit.

“There’s no money like fiat money…”.

Ironman presents "Economic Idiots of the First Order" posted at Political Calculations.

As Ironman notes, bringing on a trade war isn’t going to do the economy any good. As someone else has noted, protectionism is simply doing to yourself what you would do to an enemy in time of war – blockade your own ports to keep trade out.

Aniq Rahman presents Listen to the Employees Before You Buy Up The Employer: Better Means Bigger posted at Fiscal Times.

I wouldn’t want to carry this to extremes, mostly because there are cases where keeping the employees happy may not be best for the bottom line. At some point, there’s a rate of desired turnover.

Steven Silvers presents Despite spin, Wal-Mart consumer poll points in all directions. posted at Scatterbox at

Of course, the only consumer poll that matters is the one Wal-Mart takes every day – sales.

Erasmus presents The Hypocrisy of Islamic Debt posted at Slouching Toward Serfdom.

What a tangled web we weave, when we first practice to deceive… about interest payments. Our apologies to the Swan of Avon for mangling the quote…

Alvaro Fernandez presents Stanford Media X: "Cells that fire together wire together" posted at SharpBrains.

Observations from Stanford conference. It’s always good to exercise your brain. At least for your brain. Whether your brain exercise is good for others is a separate question.

Some thoughts on Virginia Tech, Iraq, and violence in the workplace:

DWSUWF presents Quantifying Horror posted at Divided We Stand United We Fall.

Murad Ali presents 5 Steps to Preventing Workplace Violence posted at The New Business World.

John Wesley presents Is there anything we can do about violence? posted at Pick the Brain.

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