Monday, March 19, 2007

What’s Wrong with France, Part 2,746,543,657,289:

Actually, two things.

1. Refusal to extradite terrorists and violent criminals:

“Cesare Battisti was arrested in Brazil with the help of French police for four murders and several robberies committed when he was part of a far-left group connected with Italy's Red Brigades in the 1970s.

Battisti, 52, escaped from prison in 1981 and spent many years in France living under the protection of former President Francois Mitterrand who refused to extradite Italian far-left militants who had renounced violence.”

Well, that’s convenient. I’m sure that it was a difficult choice. “Let’s see, be extradited for murders and robbery…. Or ‘renounce’ violence…. Hmmmmm. Can’t decide….”

2. The fact that anyone with any sense is complaining about his capture and extradition. It’s somewhat remarkable that the radicals are accusing Mr. Sarkozy of burnishing his law enforcement credentials by enforcing the law:

“Leftwing commentators said presidential frontrunner Sarkozy had broken Mitterrand's commitment in order to boost his law and order credentials ahead of the April election.

'Nicolas Sarkozy has just perpetrated a nasty election move,' leftwing daily Liberation said in an editorial which argued that
Mitterrand's pledge should have been binding.

Sarkozy rejected the criticism, saying French police had acted under an international arrest warrant issued after the Italian disappeared from France in 2004.”

Yup, helping to arrest murderers and robbers is a nasty election move. Sort of the reverse of Al Gore’s Willie Horton attack.