Friday, March 16, 2007

Thank Goodness It’s Satire

Because good ol’ Kent State has been taking a beating over the Pino business. I just couldn’t imagine that they actually had a Klansman teaching there as well. In media circles, I believe that this would have qualified as “too good to fact check”.

Esp., since I’d already blogged about the likely difference in treatment between the garden variety islamofascist and the run of the mill klansman.

At least CQ checked the Google.

If the Klan angle wasn’t so obvious, I’d think that Adams was swiping my stuff. After all, I posted on 3/1! But, when you have only one reader, it’s tough to make the plagiarism charge stick. And, frankly, I didn’t write the satire. In hindsight (the only time my vision is reliable), that was an obvious play too.