Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Most Dangerous Place to Find Yourself in Washington

Is between a Senator and a camera. In this case, It’s John Kerry. I’m not exactly sure why major league baseball’s satellite TV deal is a federal issue, other than as an excuse to hold hearings.

“Sixty million consumers would lose access to baseball's television package of out-of-market games if the sport is allowed to strike an exclusive deal with DirecTV, U.S. Sen. John Kerry said Monday.

The Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee will have a hearing today. Kerry, a Massachusetts Democrat, said the deal probably was legal but might not be good for fans.”

The deal will certainly be good for the owners and players - $700 million is a lot of money – and may well be more expensive for the fan.

Baseball certainly has a lot of problems with marketing, and this may or may not be a help.

Thank goodness that Congress apparently has nothing more important to work on.

Update: When Senatorial Posturing Sweepstakes is underway, never count Arlen Specter out. He’s still taking a back seat to Kerry in this farce, but he’s still a contender.

The amount of waste and stupidity involved in all of this – essentially, an effort to force MLB to do provide out of town broadcasts to some politically favored companies – is enormous.

Gotta love this line, though: “Carl Vogel, president of EchoStar, said exclusive content deals are bad for fans. ‘They harm existing consumers while limiting choices in the future,’ he said.”. One assumes that EchoStar is a satellite provider, but there’s still something amusing about part of a cable driven consortium complaining about exclusive content deals.

At last, Congress has finally gotten around to forcing those evil capitalist dogs to supply the necessities of life to Americans, like the inalienable right to watch out of town baseball games.