Thursday, March 08, 2007

Mike Adams and Julio Pino

From Adam’s Townhall column on 3/6:

“2.There is no evidence to suggest that Julio Pino has been engaged in pro-terrorist activity using Kent State resources.

Actually there is plenty. I have received hard evidence that Pino’s Kent State email address ( has been used to disseminate his pro-Jihadist views. I also have evidence that Kent State equipment has been used in the activity. Because there is some possibility that the evidence has been tampered with I made arrangements – only about four hours ago - with FBI agents who will confiscate all evidence from my hard drive in order to make that determination. I’m Sorry Julio but I just had to get the counter-terrorism unit involved.”

Certainly an interesting twist. Mr. Adams has certainly upped the ante, thrown down the gauntlet, and raised the stakes*. Going to the FBI, if indeed Adams has, is pretty serious business. You better have a pretty high degree of confidence in your information to play that card in the press.

There certainly may be big difference between using Kent State’s computers to “disseminate his pro-jihiadist views”, and terrorism. Depends exactly what “pro-jihadist views he’s using state equipment to disseminate.

In either case, if he is using KSU equipment in what the university deems to be an unprofessional manner, or one that could conceivably create a hostile working environment, the university will be forced to take action.

As mentioned earlier, if we were talking about someone posting on a pro-KKK website, the university would have found a way to have Dr. Pino find employment elsewhere.

* perhaps I should look into developing that cliché generator….