Thursday, March 01, 2007

Kent State University

You might not want to send your kids to Kent. It’s not your usual garden variety state school filled with 40 watt bulb “progressive” professors of “disenfranchised transgender lesbian nuns of color who sell drugs studies” programs; apparently, they’ve got active jihad promoters on the faculty.

Given a certain amount of concern for free speech, you still have to wonder about having someone who espouses these ideas on the state of Ohio payroll.

A visit to the Global War site (linked with, well, some reluctance) shows a couple of items of interest:

a) First and foremost, relentless cheerleading for terrorism, suicide bombings, etc.
b) To the extent that the posts are more than quotations from news stories, the writing is poor. c) All of the headlines feature exclaimation points!!!!
d) Blog ads for, among other things, 9/11 tributes (but not from the jihadi perspective), as well as for some decidedly non-jihadi organizations.
e) Posts that are pitched as supporting the jihadis, but really say something else entirely.

Apparently, Dr. Pino has been id’d before Mike Adams took up the call. And I can just imagine his history of Women in Latin America class – 16 weeks of ranting because the hussies won’t wear head-to-toe black tablecloths.

Update: Kent State responds by taking a page out of the plausible deniability playbook:

“His department head, John Jameson, defended him as a good teacher and said the
allegations in the story appeared to have been blown out of proportion.

He said Pino told him he provided news stories to the Web site but didn't accept any ownership of it.

The Web site does not name the originator, but a photo of a bearded man there is not of Pino, the description of the originator does not fit Pino and none of the postings on it can be tied to Kent State, Jameson said.”

So, I guess that it’s ok for Kent State Professors to post, err, provide news stories to a web site that is designed to inspire hate and violence. One wonders how much of the content Pino provided.

The Beacon Journal piece makes it pretty clear that this isn’t an isolated incident:

“In 2003, Pino was charged with disorderly conduct at an anti-war rally at Kent State. He said the charges were an attempt to harass protesters. The most controversial incident may have been in 2002, when he wrote a column in the Kent Stater that eulogized an 18-year-old Palestinian suicide bomber. He said he was trying to explain why suicide bombings occurred in Israel.
KSU English professor Lewis Fried took offense and urged then-KSU President Carol Cartwright to fire Pino. She refused, saying the university supported free speech.

`A university stands for the sustaining of life and not of murder,’ Fried said Wednesday. `I'm not opposing free speech, just murderous free speech.’''

I’m not sure why, but I suspect that if he had been posting to a KKK site, or burning crosses at Klan rallies, the University’s reaction would be somewhat different.