Wednesday, March 14, 2007

It’s Election Season!

For 2008? This is nuts. In today’s snail mail, a fundraiser for Giuliani, and now email pressers from Tom Tancredo. I guess that it’s never too early to raise money.

It’s nice to know that the candidate’s machines are reaching out to unread bloggers.

Team Rudy has a shot. Team Tancredo does not. Rudy is running on demonstrated competence, kind of a throwback to Rockefeller Republicanism. Tancredo is running on an anti-illegal immigrant platform.

I’m not going to waste time seriously handicapping Tancredo’s chances. Congressmen are just too obscure, and lack executive experience, to make the jump to President.

But Wait! If I support one of these guys, who will support Chuck Hagel?

Note: Tancredo has an issue that will bring out some voters. Chuck, on the other hand, induces apathy as far as the eye can see. He could well finish behind Tancredo (assuming either raises the funds to stay in the race, and that Chuck can actually make the decision to get in. Or stay out. Or make a decision about what to have for lunch.)