Friday, March 02, 2007

Hillary Clinton’s Senior Thesis

Who cares? Frankly, I find this about as interesting as Mitt Romney’s great-grandfather’s polygamy, or Strom Thurmond’s family once owning Al Sharpton’s. Or whether or not Barak Obama’s family was slave owners in the distant past.

Carry this sort of silliness far enough, and nobody can run for office.

Viewing Sen. Clinton, I’m much more concerned about the plans for rationing healthcare that she championed as First Lady, and her record since, than anything she wrote in college.

The stupid thing is, of course, the Clinton drive for secrecy and the cover-up. That’s an issue that points toward a deep-seated character flaw.

Fortunately, My Honors in Economics paper was 30 plus pages of drivel on epistemological problems in economics. It doesn’t take much to guess that I was in over my head. As I recall, the there were only two substantive comments by my professor; one was “nice try”, and the second was “beautifully typed”. (Thanks to Mrs. Boring – she had an IBM Selectric; the zenith of typing technology in 1980, & 90 WPM, what’s not to love?)

There was only one copy. Other things will prevent me from becoming President.