Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Back to Rathergate


Dan “Fake but Accurate” Rather on what’s wrong with the media. Unfortunately, Dan doesn’t get around to mentioning the role of publishing forgeries as fact.

Kinda corrosive on the old credibility.

More Dan:

“One reason for that, Rather said, is that a sense has developed that questioning power, especially at a time of war, is perceived as unpatriotic or unsupportive of America's fighting troops.

That's ‘a very serious charge in this country,’ Rather said.

‘We've brought it on ourselves,’ he added, ‘partly because we've lost the sense that patriotic journalists will be on his or her feet asking the tough questions. My role as a member of the press is to be sometimes a check and balance on power.’”

Actually, his role as a member of the press is to accurately present the news. However, so far, so good.

The big problem here is, of course, that people percieve that the media is unsupportive of the troops and America, because in fact, it isn’t very supportive.

Just a few examples:

Eason Jordan and CNN’s Iraq coverage. CNN’s publication of terrorist sniper snuff films. Leaking classified information on effective anti-terrorist data gathering. And then, of course, there’s Rather’s collegue, Mike Wallace.