Sunday, March 18, 2007

As Far as Causes Go, Julio Pino

Sure knows how to pick ‘em. Interesting to note from the Plain Dealer piece, that he’s consistently backed the side of terrorism, violence, and repression, from Marxism (Castro and Sandinista worship) to Jihadism*. Everywhere socialism has been tried, poverty, misery, and repression follow. Same for Jihadism. The places where it has been implemented as the ruling force, the results are the same. Combine Marxism and Jihadism, and things can only get worse.

From the PD:

“Pino said his path to Islam was long and winding. It began in 1960 when he was 'born into the fist of revolution.'

It was the year after Fidel Castro's Marxist revolution in Cuba, and Pino said he quickly had to pick sides: with his parents, counterrevolutionaries; or with the rest of the family,
communists. ‘These were playground questions for me, not theoretical debates,’ Pino said.

By the time he was 8, it didn't matter. Pino's father moved the family to Los Angeles, where they enrolled Pino in Catholic school.

He rebelled. Pino was disappointed that the Christians around him supported the Vietnam War. By the time he enrolled at UCLA in 1980, Pino considered himself an agnostic.

Pino said he substituted politics for religion, taking up the cause of the Sandinistas - Nicaraguan-based Marxists linked to his homeland, Cuba, and to the former Soviet Union.

He believed in the cause but grew disillusioned with campus activism. Petty squabbles in pro-Sandinista organizations killed friendships."

One notes that Dr. Pino has implied that he has called his congressional representative to help with visas for his friends.

“Every day, Pino tried to advance Islam. ‘It might require phoning my congressman to obtain a visa for a foreign brother who wants to come to the U.S. or perhaps sending money to a mosque in Nigeria,’ Pino said in his 2003 essay."

The KSU Representative is Tim Ryan (D-OH 17). One wonders if The Hon. Mr. Ryan has ever a) actually been contacted by Dr. Pino, or has ever helped with getting visas for Dr. Pino’s “friends”. I’m not sure I’d want to be neclaced with importing terrorists during the 2008 campaign.
From one misbegotten murderous ideology to another. we now have the New Jihadist Soviet Man.

* I’m making a separation between Islam and Jihadism. Jihadism seems to spring from Islam, but to be a Muslim is not necessarily to be a jihadist. The imperfect analogy would be to the Protestant v Catholic conflicts in Ireland. Both sides claimed Christian sanction, but neither had it.

Alternatively, some use the term Islamofascism.