Monday, February 26, 2007

Warning: Bad Writing, No Editing Ahead:

After making it through endless layers of fact checkers and editors, the Cleveland Plain Dealer publishes an astoundingly bad piece: “Forming an alliance with competitor can be a win-win”. All spacing and typo issues the PDs.

My first thought was, well, duh, conspire with your competition to, like, not compete. And that’s at least part of what the piece is: “A few days later, I was in Florida hashing out our reports and fee schedules. We both shared three references and agreed not to go after each other's accounts.”

Unfortunately, this is a “as told to” piece that the PD reporter didn’t even bother to translate into English. Or fortunately, if you like some chuckles at MSM expense.

Apparently, the reporter just let the tape run, typed up the transcript, and hit “publish”, leading to these results:

“Istarted my reference verifica tion service at a time when there were only about a dozen competitors other than the major corporations. “ …

“I was being shortsighted.”

Apparently, they don’t have any style or grammar checkers at the PD.

This blog is far from perfect in these areas. As with most bloggers, I’m working without an editor’s net.