Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Carbon Offset Credits.

I’m with Cap’n Ed Morrisey – these are indulgences purchased by rich sinners in Our Lady Gaia’s Church of Global Warming.

Consider the following: Da Arnold, and Diane Feinstein.

And just for laffs, consider this quote from Barbara Boxer:

"Sen. Barbara Boxer says she took four trips on private aircraft last year, one with multiple stops over 2 1/2 days.

’If you can take a commercial plane to get where you need to go at the time you need to be there, you should do it,’ she said in an e-mail. ‘If not, you have to look at alternatives such as trains, fuel-efficient vehicles, buses, and in some cases, private planes.’”

A bus? A BUS? Politicians use buses as props, as gimmicks, as many – small – towns – in - a – day – on – a – campaign - swing tools. For example, the Straight Talk Express, a bus used by John McCain while he was busy telling Americans via McCain Feingold to just shut up.

I can’t picture any politician of stature going to work on a bus. Or train. Might happen with councilmen in big cities, but members of Congress? Senators? Governors?

If they thought for a moment that the fate of the planet was really in danger, they wouldn’t be taking private planes. They might minimize flying commercial, opting for videoconferences or conference calls. They might not have big mansions with huge electric bills. They would be leading by example, not pleading special cases and purchased indulgences to cover their own wasteful habits.

And think – with the money they saved, they might have more to invest in companies that are researching energy alternatives.

Purchasing carbon offsets is just a way for the very rich environmentalists to have their energy cake, while being able to lecture the rest of us about how wasteful we are.

I’m not against consumption per se – as a running capitalist dog (albeit not a very successful one), if you can afford it, and it’s legally available on the market, no problem.

Just don’t badger me into reducing my quality of life so that you can feel better.