Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Angelina Jolie

Seeks to burnish her street cred with the Council on Foreign Relations in today’s Washington Post.

Her essay on Darfur touches most of the elements of the tragedy, but, like all pieces emanating from the diplomatic crowd, it’s woefully short of a realistic proposal for a solution.

The Janjaweed and their supporters in the Sudanese government don’t fear the UN, because the UN is both powerless and corrupt. And they don’t have much to fear from the ICC, since the ICC has no means of effecting any meaningful arrests.

In reality, as long as there are competing interests in the Security Council for Sudan’s oil, there will be support for the regime and their genocidal campaign.

And even if Sudan didn’t have any oil, the only country likely to have both the ability and inclination is the US, which means that the only thing these folks have to fear is the US military.

If America is to deal seriously with any of these issues, Congress needs to get busy finding, funding, and training a much larger military.

Chairman Mao is reported to have noted that "all political power comes from the barrel of a gun". Which is the onlything the Janjaweed are likely to understand.

Or perhaps dramatically reducing force in Europe. This would have the beneficial side effect of encouraging the European countries to pay attention to both defense, as well as their bloated welfare states.