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Economics and Social Policy IXXX

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Welcome to the January 15, 2007 edition of Economics and Social Policy.

Murad Ali presents Most Executives Think Outsourcing Will Destroy America posted at The New Business World.

Of course, most executives also think that “corporate social responsibility” is a good thing as well, while shareholder rights and activism are the heart of evil.

Tom Blumer presents Googlers Carry Cali for Now, But Many Others Are Voting with Their Feet posted at BizzyBlog, saying, "Google execs cashing their options have covered for some of the excesses that still remain in CA's budget, while others are leaving the state because the tax situation remains out of control."

One would certainly have to question both the sanity and morality of Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page. It’s close to insane to not take simple steps to mitigate a tax burden like this. It’s probably immoral as well – If the left California, they could do more good with the tax savings by giving it to targeted charities than the kleptrocrats working for the state of California could.

Thus, staying in CA and paying the taxes is probably a net moral and economic loss to society.

Tracy Coenen presents Report says the IRS collection system is flawed posted at FRAUDfiles.

The IRS? Flawed? That’s a shocker. Keep in mind that the government doesn’t have customers. The government has favored constituents, and others.

Steven Silvers presents Wal-Mart must use advertising to keep its reputation from becoming an even bigger liability. posted at Scatterbox at

A corporation seeking to defend itself is close to the ultimate heresy in today’s class warfare age. Imagine the crust required to point out that your company is creating jobs, increasing economic growth, and saving lower and middle class families money, greatly adding to their standard of living.

The anti-Wal-Mat crusade is just another liberal act of cynicism, like the minimum wage. Claiming to help the poor, it’s just another knee in their groin.

Michael Fitzpatrick presents The Sustainable Future: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) posted at The Sustainable Future.

If Michael Dell planted a tree for every example of shoddy customer support, we’d all be living in the jungle.

Wise Bread presents Deadweight loss of Christmas: Economists explains why gifts are inefficient posted at Wisebread.

Of course Christmas is inefficient. God made it that way. There’s nothing more inefficient than ‘The Word became flesh and dwelt among us” in the sense of value expended for value received.
One would also wonder if the ratio of perceived value would be greater if viewed from the perspective of the giver, rather than the greed driven recipient. I would expect at least some offset.

DWSUWF presents It's the war, stupid. posted at Divided We Stand United We Fall, saying, "In 2008 we can choose a President who was right on Iraq in 2003, or we can choose a President who was wrong on Iraq in 2003 and hope they get it right this time. Choose wisely."

I think that it’s pretty clear that GWB was right about Iraq in 2003. Saddam, one of the most brutal dictators operating at that time, was a threat to the region, as well as to the United States. He was, for those who care, in violation of a number of UN resolutions. Most intelligence agencies believed he possessed weapons of mass destruction (which will likely be found in Syria). He harbored terrorists like Abu Nidal, and paid for terrorism in Israel.

There’s a strong argument that Bush hasn’t dealt with the terrorist insurgency well. Logically, that’s a different argument.

The set of who was wrong on Iraq in 2003 and right now seems to be null.

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