Saturday, December 30, 2006

Culture of Corruption Update

The latest: John Conyers (D-MI).:

“The ethics inquiry began in December, 2003 when former staff members complained to the ethics panel, formerly named the House Committee on Standards and Official Conduct, that Conyers had required his official staffers to work on campaigns, babysit his children, and run personal errands.”

If Mrs. Pelosi is serious about draining the swamp of Congressional corruption, she won’t have a leadership team left.

Mollohan, Murtha, Freezer Jefferson, Alcee Hastings, and now Conyers. All part of the senior Democratic leadership team. All tainted.

In fairness to Conyers, though, his case simply sounds like bullying and abusing his staff for his personal convenience, rather than shaking down lobbyists, etc., for personal enrichment.

That doesn’t mean that he’s a good choice to head the judiciary committee.