Tuesday, November 07, 2006

November 2006 - Live Blogging the Election

6 Nov 2006 20.23: Getting Set. I expect to start the liveblog somewhere around 20.00 (all times EST) on Tuesday. Nuthin' to do now but over-analize conflicting poll data.

7 November 2006 5.37. PM

I’ve junked military time, based on complaints. Opressed Cerf liked it, but ….

GOTV Calls. So far, at least 3 R’s (including Laura Bush), one D (Ted Strickland wanting me to put teenagers and unskilled workers on the breadline), and at least 3 from Issue 6 (Akron Public Schools) levy.

6.01 PM. Just noticed that Evangelical Outpost has a humorous take on the MSM attempt to supress the evangelical vote.

Update: Sorry, I realize that only the Republicans and Conservatives conspire to suppress votes. In MSM / Progressive land (where it's always Selma) this is called ‘reporting’.

9.04 PM -- Still nothing from the Summit County BOE. Crummy news from PA on Santorum; Crummy news on Kean, but I never really hoped for a pickup in a state as corrupt as NJ.

9.14 Summit County BOE files – bad results for Republicans across the board. Not coincidentally, bad news for unskilled labor, as Issue 2 (minimum wage increase) is up. Minimum wage jobs, here today, gone January.

The only obvious plus is that Issue 3 (gambling) is down.

10.01 - Issue 2 – the amendment to throw unskilled labor out of a job by raising the minimum wage looks set to pass. Perhaps the worst anti-poverty program ever devised by government.

On the “plus” side, if you subscribe to the Leninist version (the worse, the better), the increased crappiness of Ohio’s business climate will likely keep Taxin’ Ted to only 4 years.

But that’s cold, very cold, comfort for the unemployed.

10.05 – On the Plus Side, at least the crapweasels behind issue 3 (No Daughter of a Racetrack Owner Should Have to Suffer with a Two Year Old Mercedes) amendment are still behind.

10.09 – On the Weird Side, why on earth is the Akron Zoo levy passing? Why should anyone have to pay taxes to support a Zoo? I can understand voting for school levies – as much as I may or may not disagree – but taxes for a Zoo? If admissions can’t pay the way, we don’t need it.

Maybe County Council can put some one qualified, perhaps by being the niece or daughter of a councilman, in charge.