Sunday, November 19, 2006

Economics and Social Policy XXI

E&SP Announcement: For next week’s edition (Nov. 26), E&SP will focus on Milton Friedman, his life, impact on society, policy positions, and personal reflections on what Dr. Friedman has meant. So, next week’s edition will be all Milton, all the time. Posts on other topics will be held for the following week.

Now on to this week’s Economics and Social Policy carnival:

Apolitical presents Leveraging America's Prosperity posted at State of Misconception.

I’m not as big a deficit hawk as I used to be (mostly because that always seems to equate to tax increases rather than spending reductions), but I’m still not sold on the idea that the government is capable of providing a ‘real’ return on things like R&D and education. And I’m not sure that I’d point to Long Term Capital Management as a positive example.

Tom Blumer : Well, THAT Didn?t Take Long: Rubin Wants Tax Hikes, Dems Want Tax Cuts Targeted to the Blue-State Rich posted at BizzyBlog.

DWSUWF - 2008 Election Prologue - Check your assumptions. posted at Divided We Stand United We Fall, saying, "Mr. Boring, Despite your misgivings, you've been covering my rants about electing a Democratic congress to secure a divided government. Thought you'd be interested to see I am still beating the divided government drum, but now supporting a Republican president in '08 to keep in it that way."

Well, we can only hope and work on making divided government turn out as well as DWSUWF thinks it will. We’ll have a pretty good idea in about a year.

Xyba presents Church Backs Calls for Severely Disabled Babies to be Killed at Birth posted at Once More Into the Breach, saying, "Hey, the cost is the issue. One must justify one's worth to society to not be considered subhuman and the medical ethics people are just the best choice for determining who should get the bullet in the head for the sake of us all."

Personally, I find the money quote from this post to be: “… euthanasia follows socialized medicine like poverty follows drug addiction… “ If Hillarycare becomes a reality, these issues are going to pop up more often as increasing government control of medicine reduces the supply.

Vihar Sheth presents Charity Navigator posted at Vihar Sheth.

A valuable point, and an excellent link. We should all be smart about where our charitable dollars go.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of Economics and Social Policy using our carnival submission form. As noted above, next week is a Milton Friedman retrospective.

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