Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Mamas, Don’t Let your Kids grow up to be Pages

They might run into the next Mark Foley (warning, this is not the worst of the Foley IMs, but not pleasant). Not much to say here, other than to discuss how many lashes would be appropriate.

Prediction: in two years, he’s the next Jim McGreevey, pushing some tawdry faux ‘confession’ on Oprah to boost book sales.

Note to Foley: After all of this, the resignation was a good start. The rehab schtick may work for Patrick Kennedy, but he’s a Kennedy. The “priest abused me” line isn’t going to generate much sympathy now, but does lay the ground work for the inevitable “I’m the real victim” claim. You’re somewhat less than navel lint, but that’s a plus on the TV talk show reputation rehab circuit.

Update: Here’s an interesting bit from The Nation on the Foley Follies.