Sunday, October 01, 2006

Economics and Social Policy XV

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Welcome to the October 1, 2006 edition of Economics and Social Policy. Pretty soon, I’ll have exhausted my knowledge of roman numerals, and will be reduced to using a converter like this one.

John Buehler in Rebuilding Eden presents Rebuilding Eden - The 3rd Channel » The Selling of America. There may be some cause for concern here; I’m sure that American companies have also made some overseas purchases. I’m certainly more concerned about the purchase of American assets by state controlled companies from places like China, Saudi Arabia, and Venezuela.

Brandon Peele presents Freakonomics Book Review posted at GT. I haven’t read Freakonomics, and so can’t really comment on the review as such. However, here’s a nice quote: “… don't put in a swimming pool and name your child Britainy or Laqueesha”. Amen. Preach it, Brother.

On the other hand, I believe that Mr. Peele could profit immensely from spending some time with von Mises and Hayek on the aspects of human choice in economics, particularly in the areas of valuation, action, and economics.

Thomas Blumer: Weekend Question 4: Do the Belgian Publishers Suing Google Understand What They?re Doing? posted at BizzyBlog, saying, "Belgian Courts back Belgian news orgs demanding that Google not index their content. Court also demands posting of court's ruling on and Google News Belgium HOME PAGES. Google relents, but removes all info relating to publishers from GN Belgium AND Google Belgium. This is a fight over access to info without charge and has profound implications on everyone if Google loses. This is something more people should have seen coming back in Feb. when an EU publisher railed at Google for operating on "free" content."

Short answer to Tom’s question: No. The Belgians simply sought to harass Google into ponying up some backeesh to carry their content. Unfortunately, nobody cares much about the Belgians, other than Brussels Journal, they don’t have content worth carrying. And they’re busy trying to suppress that as well.

Steve Faber presents Look at Our Congress!! posted at DebtBlog. ARRRRRGHHHHHH!!! My eyes! My eyes!

Steve, Thanks, but no thanks. In most cases, I’d rather not look. Unfortunately, it could get even scarier with Comrade Pelosi in charge.

Roci presents Sanity Prevails, But Not Here. posted at Rocinante's Burdens. The post is a bit over the top; personally, I think that any large organization, given enough money and power, is perfectly capable of pursuing actions leading to the deaths of millions, believing all the while in it’s own moral standing and that its actions are for the good of all. That doesn’t make them any less deadly; it only heightens the culpability.
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