Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Yet Another NIE Release?

Since the leaks surrounding the first one didn’t do enough damage, Rep. Harman wants the draft of another National Intelligence Estimate released. Seems like a pointless effort to me – if there was anything damaging to the President in the draft, it would have been leaked already. On the plus side for Rep. Harman, as long as the administration doesn’t declassify the draft, she can pretty much characterize it as she likes, thus leaving her with a handy club with which to beat the Republicans until November.

Unfortunately, there are serious consequences to the intelligence agencies information war against the President. One of which would be lack of trust in the agency’s work. Another will be unwillingness to put anything concrete into these documents, since they all seemed to be destined for the front page of the NY Times. A third will be that sooner or later, some administration is going to have to conduct investigations and significant purges in order to reform these agencies and return them to providing real analysis.

Until then, however, we’re left with the usual agency bickering, selective leaking, and lack of focus on intelligence work. In the middle of a war.

Instapundit provides a nice roundup on the entire NIE kerfluffle.