Monday, September 25, 2006

State and the CIA Continue the War

Against the Bush Administration. Or, more accurately, a batch of folks within these organizations are busy seaking to spin the news for the upcoming election. Here’s the latest example of selective leaking of ‘classified’ documents in order to hurt conservatives.

Other examples could easily include Joe Wilson’s escapades in Niger, the entire Plame business, as well as the CIA’s allowing an analyst to publish a political hit piece just before the 2004 elections (Imperial Hubris).

On a more substantive note, we haven’t had a major terrorist attack on the mainland US since 9/11. Terrorists are still being fought in Afghanistan, instead of running Afghanistan. Saddam Hussein is no longer torturing and WMDs to gas his subjects, or supporting Abu Abbas or Abu Nidal, making payments to the families of suicide bombers or supporting other terrorist groups.

On the down side of the ledger, we’re busy admitting to Iran that we’re not serious about their nuke program, we’re mismanaging the Afghan opium issue which tends to put a damper on local support, and Somolia and Sudan are still in chaos with plenty of terrorist development.

I still don’t see how running away, err, fleeing, err ‘redeploying’ to Okinawa is going to convince terrorists that we mean business. The left certainly hasn’t been beating the drums to add men, money, or guns to the fight.

Update: one of the dangers of once a day blogging is that it’s easy to get upstaged by others – In this case, see Mario Loyola’s post on NRO’s Corner.