Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The President’s September 11, 2006 Speech

Here’s a link to the full text. Frankly, I have a tough time seeing why Harry Reid, Teddy Kennedy, and Nancy Pelosi felt so compelled to attempt to gin up outrage. The speech itself was pretty straightforward stuff.

I guess that if you don’t have a policy on how to protect America, you’ll always be offended by those who do.

Side note: It’s not like CNN and the AP isn’t doing their share to publish the Democratic talking points as ‘news’. If nothing else, look for the editorial comments in the links. E.g., “( Watch how Bush tried to recapture the glow he gained from the 9/11 tragedy -- 2:58)” or “(Watch Santorum chide the Democrats for putting "domestic politics ahead of security" -- 1:54)”.

NRO’s MediaBlog has a screenshot of the offending page – worth a gander, because CNN is likely to airbrush it out of existence soon.