Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The HP Way

Management by surveillance. The reshuffling of deck won’t change much; by keeping Ms. Dunn on HP’s Board, the message is pretty clear: no real consequences*, circle the wagons, and hope the scandal goes away.

CNET provides a nice compendium of the scandal to date.

*I’m sure that some poor schmuck will have to take the fall for this, but unless there are criminal charges, Ms. Dunn’s bonus and option gravy train will continue to roll unmolested.

Update: Take a large public company, mix in a hefty dose of unethical behavior with a possible link to the Chairman, and an opportunistic state attorney general, and, voila! Criminal charges on the horizon.

Certainly, based on recent performance, I wouldn’t be giving off the record comments to the media if I worked at HP.

The other wonderful thing about the MSM is their unfailing ability to dredge up that most flattering photos.

Update 2 (9/20/2006): H-P begins to look more and more like the Nixon Whitehouse. Sending spyware to reporters. Considering placing spies into CNET and the WSJ...

I did search the HP jobs page for ‘plumber’, but came up empty.

For the record, however, I still love my HP12C.