Thursday, September 14, 2006

Every Now and Again,

I’m reminded of why we should all be thankful that John Kerry wasn’t elected. This feeling has a 100% correlation with every instance of Senator Kerry opining on public issues.

At least three things stand out in Kerry’s response to the WSJ “Jack Bauer Insurance” piece:

1. Absolute trust in the CIA, or disgruntled CIA types when it suits him (“CIA operative Tyler Drumheller said top White House officials simply brushed off the warning that "reliable intelligence" suggested Saddam Hussein had no weapons of mass destruction, saying they were "no longer interested" in intelligence.” ).

2. Continuing to beat the Plame drum, when, in fact, Plame a) wasn’t a covert operative as defined by the law; and b) the leak was from Mr. Armitage at State, a fairly open opponent of administration policy; c) the fact that Joe Wilson was busily engaged in an exercise in self-aggrandizement that could only lead to folks asking questions about why this unqualified bozo could get an important assignment.

3. He pretty much comes out and admits that he’s perfectly willing to let terrorists sue the CIA: “CIA officers don't need Jack Bauer insurance -- they need insurance against the recklessness of this administration.”. Can’t think of a way to further cripple intelligence collection than having a bunch of CIA agents hauled into committee hearings to allow the Senator to resume his winter soldier ravings.

In short, the mostly likely course that the Senator will pursue is ‘I was for the CIA before I was against it’.