Sunday, September 17, 2006

Economics and Social Policy XIII

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Welcome to the September 17, 2006 edition of Economics and Social Policy.

Tracy L. Coenen, CPA, MBA, CFE presents Still nothing done in the Milwaukee Public Museum scandal posted at FRAUDfiles. I’ve heard that forensic auditing is just like “CSI – Miami”, but only for those who find Excel really, really, sexy.

As far as the Milwaukee County Board, maybe they know that they won’t like the answer, so they won’t ask the question.

Tom Blumer’s Bizzyblog » The Corporate Social Responsibility Appeasers Are Probably Long-Term Market Underperformers on BizzyBlog, Links to a column decrying the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) movement. And there’s plenty to decry here – an advanced case of the mangers wasting the shareholder’s money, as well as losing focus on running the business.

Tom also has a follow-up post about a group demanding the resignation of BP CEO Lord Browne, claiming that the company's PR obsession with CSR, environmentalism, etc. have caused the company to lose its focus on operations, causing matters like safety violations and the Prudhoe shutdown to occur.

Steve Faber presents Senatorial Censorship Alive and Well?? posted at DebtBlog. Short answer: yes. Funny, after all of the Clintonista wailing about the Path to 9/11, as well as the out and out call for censorship on the part of the Democratic Senate Leadership, I can’t seem to hear much MSM concern about the chilling effect on free speech. Certainly nothing like the howls of protest that erupted over the Reagan smear movie. I guess that censorship is ok if you agree with the censor, but it seems like a pretty short sighted attitude to me.

Starling David Hunter presents Human Rights and Human Resources on The Business of America is Business. "I comment on the reasoning behind Sweden's recent decision to divest from Wal-Mart, particularly their claims that Wal-mart is abusing the "human rights" of its employees overseas." We may soon see Wal*Mart on some CSR list like Tom decries above. And it’s all downhill from there.

Mastiff presents The Role of the People posted at Critical, saying, "An attempt to extrapolate out from President Bush's speeches and economic policies to form a picture of how he views the relationship between people and governments."

Mastiff’s summary of the Bush Administration. The President has gotten a few things right – at least they are the big things – The War on Terror, taxes, and, with some prodding, judges. However, the bulk of his domestic playbook is heavy on spending and government control, not expanding the economic liberty.

Mark Montgomery on 9/11, Islam, Terrorism, and History Textbooks posted at Textbook Evaluator. Textbooks – the ultimate PC battlefield.

Mr. Purpleslog presents SLOE/Future (Security, Liberty, Opportunity, Enrichment for the Future) posted at Purpleslog, saying, "Thinking about future policy." He also chips in with Democracy != Elections, Modern Democracies are… « PurpleSlog

I still don't think that we'll see a 3rd party / independant candidate for President play a more significant role than 'spoiler' in 2008.

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