Sunday, September 03, 2006

Economics and Social Policy XI

Economics and Social Policy – Unleashing the Inner Econo-Geek
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Welcome to the September 3, 2006 edition of E&SP.

Brandon Peele presents Civil Disobedience Essay Review posted at GT. Personally, I think that Thoreau is over sold as a great social thinker. I also think that conservatives never really envisioned drowning Government in a bathtub. Extra-constitutional excesses (Dept of Education, anyone?) absolutely. Necessary functions of the state? Nope.

Tom Blumer presents Weekend Question 1: Why Is It So Easy to Think the Economy Is Getting Worse, When Our Eyes Tell Us It’s Getting Better? posted at BizzyBlog, saying, "Average people can afford to buy stuff that people 25 years ago could only dream about. Yet we're told that real incomes have barely budged. Why?"

From Tom’s piece, a quote from the Postrel article, a candidate for understatement of the year: “Adam Smith was a remarkably insightful guy”. Adam Smith is one of the towering men of western civilization. As Bertie Wooster might say, ‘If I had a tenth of Smith’s brain, I should take a stab at being Prime Minister or something’.

25 years ago, the second car for most families was a luxury item. The closest anyone got to thinking about cell phones or microwaves was scenes from “Star Trek”. Now my kids have cell phones.

Steve Faber presents Do the Rich Really Spend on Benzes and Private Jets? posted at DebtBlog. An interesting post. Might be more interesting to look at spending habits by age groupings – Lots of time dependant variables here.

Karma presents The Neglect of People With Alzheimer's: A Summary of My Life Over the Last 5 Months & Call to Action posted at JewBuQuest: From Abuse to Happiness. There are policy issues here, but the post is a bit out of scope for E&SP, however, it’s a heartbreaking tale. Pls read, and remember ‘Karma’ in your prayers.

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