Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Conspiracy to Lower Gas Prices?

Apparently, 42% of Americans believe that the President is manipulating gas prices to win in November. (Rick Newman has a nice piece on the lousy Republican record in this area.)

It’s this kind of level of economic ignorance that should lead us all to fear for the future of the Republic. But it also identifies core Democratic supporters.

Jonah Goldberg comments further on the releated conspiracy insanity on 9/11 (the gov’t secretly planted charges and blew up the towers) and Katrina (the gov’t blew up the levees in order to flood black neighborhoods).

This isn’t just the paranoid style in American politics; it’s the paranoid style on steroids.

I’ve written before that you have to make a choice – either you can have W as the dumb bunny, or you can have W the evil mastermind, but you can’t have both. Ya gotsta pick one.

Just think for a minute about the number of moving parts for any single one of these tales to be true – the minimal numbers of people involved would easily go to the hundreds, if not thousands. But no leaks. From an administration that can’t keep vital electronic surveillance methods secret.