Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Campaign Against Allen

Is detailed here… Long on innuendo, lots if ‘I remember stuff from 20 or 30 years ago, but never bothered to mention it when he was running (twice) for governor or senator… till it became convenient to do so… And apparently, Prof. Sabato had this knowledge when he was moderating a debate when Allen was running for governor, but didn’t think it material at the time.

Certainly, the WaPo has been beating the drums against Allen, and will use any stick to do so, even conceding the point that Allen’s maccaca (spl?) remarks – even more so, given that the outburst was directed at a young Democratic stringer.

On the other hand, we have Robert Byrd, Senator from West Virginia, a former Klan leader. No doubt he has used the ‘N’ word more than a few times in his youth. Where’s the outrage? In the eyes of the MSM, only Republicans can be racist. But, not to worry, in Sen. Byrd’s view, the Klan was “a useful platform from which to launch his political career. He described it essentially as a fraternal group of elites -- doctors, lawyers, clergy, judges and other ‘upstanding people’”. Nice story, Bob. Keep it up. No doubt we’ll be hearing soon about how the Klan was all about raising scholarship money for orphans of lynchings…

Now, discounting this ‘revelation’, which seems more than likely to be planted – after all, the man has run in 3 statewide races for significant office, and this is the first we’ve heard of it – exploding at a young Democratic stringer with what appears to be a racial slur indicates that Mr. Allen probably does not have the character to be President.

Of course, based on his latest outburst, Bill Clinton doesn’t either, but as a Democrat, he can at least count on the media to try to paper over his flaws.