Saturday, September 30, 2006

At LEAST We’re Safe From

VeggieTales. No longer will Larry the Cucumber and Bob the Tomato be able to invade innocent children’s lives with the message that “God made you special, and loves you very much”.

Now, some of the blame for this has to go to Phil Vischer, who should have insisted on a greater degree of editorial control. I suspect that Mr. Vischer genuinely had no idea that NBC would insist on gutting the content – I’ve seen several Veggie Tales videos, and they are pretty innocuous. In fact, it would seem that the tag line of “God loves you” is not one likely to stress out anyone beyond a few dedicated loonies.

NBC, on the other hand, had to know exactly what they were getting with VeggieTales, and so went into this deal with the notion gutting the message.

But there’s plenty of cash available to offend Christians with Madonna’s anti-Christian schtick….

As Instapundit once observed about Kanye West, if he had any real courage he’d have posed as Mohammed. Same for Madonna. But as we all know, outraged Christians or Jews will … write a few op ed letters and perhaps not watch the show. Outraged ‘muslims’, on the other hand, will slit throats and blow stuff up.

HT: Michelle Malkin