Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Alice Thompson on Al Gore

Ms. Thompson makes valiant attempt to rehabilitate Mr. Gore in the Telegraph. I don’t think that Mr. Gore needs much rehabilitation in Europe, since Europe’s favorite kind of American is the out of power liberal who concedes Europe’s moral superiority, and that fits Mr. Gore to a T. Unfortunately, due to the vararies of the American constitution, European citizens cannot vote in American elections.

Which provides one strong reason why Mr. Gore is unlikely to be president.

There are several, if obvious points to be made here:

The science behind the impact, causes, and existence of global warming isn’t very settled. Global temperatures may or may not be increasing, but if they are, projections vary significantly on the amounts of the increase. Global warming may be caused or intensified by ‘greenhouse gasses’, or may be the product of increased solar activity, or some other factor.

Kyoto Treaty would not likely lead to anything other than massive reductions in living standards, or the inconvienient truth that most of the Kyoto signatories are not meeting their emission targets, or that the targets don’t even cover China or much of the developing world. And all for little real environmental gains.

Certainly, Ms. Thompson vastly overstates Mr. Gore’s perception in America: “Clinton's vice-president was written off in the 2000 elections as a good loser – and ‘Gore the bore’.” Actually, most of what’s remembered about the 2000 elections was the Gore attempt to overturn the election through the courts, thus earning the title of “Sore Loserman” for both himself and Mr. Lieberman. The gracious concession speech was a simple product of having run out of alternatives.

Mr. Gore certainly has become something of a media darling – after all, liberal environmentalists constantly pushing the vision of America as Public Enemy #1 fit nicely into the MSM playbook. However, politicians who rely on berating the American public generally don’t get very far with that public. Particularly if the only solution offered to solve the problem is likely to be centralized government controls over the economy that will likely force many into poverty.