Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Rumsfeld Speech

Here’s a link to the complete text. Read the whole thing; it's worth while, and completely non-controversial. Unless, of course, you've bought into the "Rummy is evil and McChimpy BusHitler is going to enslave us all in his secret nut mines" meme.

Regardless of what you think about how the present war in Iraq is being prosecuted, this is a guy who recognizes the key strategic issues of the time.

The speech also makes clear why so many hate Rumsfeld:

1. He recognizes the nature of the enemy.
2. He understands that the current calls for isolationism and appeasement have never worked, and will never work, against the enemies of civilization, even if dressed up as appeals to use the UN.
3. He called out the media for biased reporting and the falsification of news.
4. For all of the faults obvious to the Monday morning quarterbacks, He’s still smarter than they are.
5. And perhaps worst of all he’s an Eagle Scout and proud of it.

Perhaps if the left had a foreign policy that didn’t amount to surrender (sorry, ‘redeployment’), shackling ourselves to a corrupt and paralyzed UN, abandonment of the entire middle east to terrorists or dictators, or both they would be less likely to see themselves in Secretary Rumsfeld’s criticism.

Obviously, there are serious issues with the President’s foreign policy. The initial invasion of Iraq didn’t break enough stuff and persuade the Baathists and jihadis that they were really beaten. We left Sadr alive with a militia that continues to cause problems, if by no other means that proving that you can kill Americans and get away with it. One also hopes that given the need for a lighter, faster, deadlier military, we don’t find ourselves in a position where some rogue missle knocks out GPS or any of all of this fancy network-centric stuff we appear to be relying on.

These problems are tending to become more serious as we drift further to the left and dither with the UN while Iran obtains nukes, similarly to how the Clinton / Carter combo bought North Korea sufficient time to get the bomb.