Saturday, August 12, 2006

More McCarthyism

From the Beacon Journal:

"Summit County Executive James B. McCarthy wants to write his own rule against hiring family members for Summit County jobs.

McCarthy will sponsor a resolution to the County Council that would change the county's charter to make it illegal to hire relatives for virtually all county jobs, including positions in the courts and Board of Elections, County Communications Director Jill Skapin said Thursday.

The charter does not prohibit hiring relatives of either elected officials or administrators.

In April, McCarthy hired 23-year-old Christine Congrove -- daughter of Councilman Dan Congrove -- as director of the animal shelter at a salary of $63,564. Her experience in animal care was a stint as the pound secretary.” [my emph.]

It’s nice that he wants to exempt his own relatives (“…more than $1.3 million in annual pay goes to employees who are related to McCarthy, Skapin, Fiscal Officer John A. Donofrio or Wayne M. Jones, finance chairman of the Summit County Democratic Party and chairman of the elections board.”), and those of Council cronies. Poor Christine will remain as the poster child for nepotism in Summit County.