Thursday, August 17, 2006

Martin Olasky on Fauxtography

Based on the comments of Bill Denton and others. A nice, short summary of the MSM problems in Lebanon.

“Of course, the larger question is why those corpses and that rubble are there. So kudos to photographer Daniel Etter, who wrote on one blog, ‘The real staging happens before the rescue worker shows the dead children to photographers. It happens when Hezbollah builds (a) kindergarten right next to its

While a complete list would have to start with the Walter Duranty coverup of Stalin’s engineered famine, we have the more recent Eason Jordan 2003 admission of slanting CNN’s Iraq coverage in return for ‘access’, Rathergate, etc., etc., etc.

But don’t forget today’s news: the not so shocking tale that Reuters is employing former writers from the People’s Daily World, a CPUSA sheet to cover Cuba.