Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Kyoto Hypocrisy

As documented by Fortune. Whether you believe in global warming or not, or believe that the cause is produced by mankind or increased solar activity, this shouldn’t be a surprising bit of news.

Just about nobody is making their Kyoto targets. At least the US is being honest about it. Essentially, we have a situation where most of the leaders of major countries agree with the President, but can’t bring themselves to be open about it.

Robert Samuelson notes that “The real purpose [for treaties like Kyoto – ed] is for politicians to brandish their environmental credentials”, and:

“What we have now is a respectable charade. Politicians and advocates make speeches, convene conferences and formulate plans. They pose as warriors against global warming. The media participate in the resulting deception by treating their gestures seriously. One danger is that some of these measures will harm
the economy without producing significant environmental benefits. Policies motivated by political gain will inflict public pain. Why should anyone applaud?”

In a follow up column, also dealing with both the economic issues and more on hypocrisy:

“The trouble with the global warming debate is that it has become a moral crusade when it's really an engineering problem. The inconvenient truth is that if we don't solve the engineering problem, we're helpless.”
Another bit of evidence that there’s a big difference between feeling morally superior for signing a treaty, and the actual results. As Thomas Sowell argues, facts are fast becoming obsolete.