Saturday, August 05, 2006

It’s Saturday, Do You Know Where Your Dictator Is?

Not if he’s named Fidel or Raul. No appearances / public statements since Monday. From Reuters: “But with neither of the Castro brothers appearing in public, uncertainty over Cuba's political future was evident on the streets of Havana, where the hustle and bustle of more normal times was noticeably subdued. Many wondered when Raul, 75, would address the nation.”

From the AP: “Neither of the Castros has been seen since Monday's announcement that Fidel, 79, had undergone surgery and was temporarily ceding power to Raul, 75. No new details were provided on Castro's condition following the surgery for intestinal bleeding.”

Kathryn Lopez has more on the significance of the lack of personal appearances by the Castro Boyz on The Corner.

Update: It’s Monday (08/07), but still no personal communication from the maximum caudillo. If he’s up and talking, why no radio address? No TV appearance? Hmm….

Hugo Chavez wouldn’t lie, would he? Perhaps only long enough to get his favorites in power….