Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Israel and Lebanon

The only clear thing is that Hezbollah’s tactic of using Lebanese civilians as human shields is winning the propaganda war. From the Hezbollah perspective, every dead Lebanese civilian shown on TV is a PR victory. If the Israeli strikes don’t provide enough, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Hezbollah stages some themselves.

In the current age, we have unrealistic expectations about the military. We expect that countries with advanced technology will be able to accomplish all military aims in a day or so, with no collateral damage or civilian casualties.

The Post’s William Arkin has additional thoughts on the current state of the talking head commentary. As noted, the alternative to the limited Israeli strategy of air strikes, small team raids, and precision targeting would be a large air / armor / ground invasion – likely to generate many more casualties, and much more infrastructure damage.

David Bernstein on Volokh provides additional links and commentary. Summary:

“Those who reflexively condemn Israel when the Party of God's strategy works (and Israel inadvertently kills civilians) are being worse than naive; they are encouraging not just the Party of God, but other terrorist groups, to use human shields in the future, as it proves to be an effective strategy.”