Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Is Demography Destiny?

Certainly an overused phrase, covering everything from Eurabia (yes here, maybe, maybe not here, no here) to Social Security and health care. But clich├ęs only get that way by containing at least a smidgeon of truth.

Arthur Brooks takes a look at demographic trends and the potential impact on the political future of liberalism in America. Obviously, there’s a lot of “yes, but-s” to be added to the condensation of anything as technical as this into op ed format. One thing immediately called to mind was James Taranto’s Roe Effect columns.

May give you a clue as to why some are so keen on extending the franchise to non-citizens (read: illegal aliens since we can all count the promoters to view checks for legal residency to be considered a racist assault on human rights) and felons. See Ed Feser’s piece on felon voting. Sample graph:

“Murderers, rapists, and thieves might seem to be an odd constituency for a party that prides itself on its touchy-feely concern for women and victims. But desperate times call for desperate measures. After three national electoral defeats in a row, the Democrats need to enlarge their base. If that means
reaching out to lock in the pedophile and home-invader vote, so be it.”