Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Economics and Social Policy VIII

Welcome to the August 13, 2006 edition of economics and social policy - Editor’s Choice Edition – A standard carnival featuring submitted posts will return soon.

A roundup of some of the more interesting econo-geeky posts I’ve run across recently:

Prof. Bainbridge provides a brief discussion of the tradeoffs between the risks of terrorism and social costs. He also provides some thoughts on profiling.

But even more importantly, he provides an excellent listing & links to the Wooster – Jeeves cycle. Perhaps his finest hour.

Alex Tabarrok notes: “On the contrary, I always assume that government quality can go way down” in response to Tyler Cowen’s piece.

Greg Mankiw notes a Milton Friedman interview on the pernicious effects of centralization in education, as well as maintaining a competitive market in higher education.

Walter Williams posts takes a page from the Hayek playbook on the use of information in society, and the fact that the government doesn’t have anything that looks like complete knowledge.

On the knowledge front, Thomas Sowell continues to chip in with “Studies Prove”, “Studies Prove II” and “Studies Prove III”. Sowell and Williams are two of the more incisive pop commentators on economics today.

Closing on a lighter note, Donald Luskin brings us “Capitalism Rap”. What Schoolhouse Rock should have been…

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