Saturday, July 15, 2006

Why Can’t the Democrats

Take protection of the voting franchise seriously? Even the most modest attempts to insure the integrity of the vote count draw lawsuits. “Vote Early, Vote Often” seems to be an unofficial slogan of the party.

From the Beacon Journal, a quote from union lawyer Donald McTigue:

“’People of the middle class and above have no conception of being in poverty,’ he said. `They don't understand that many people who are economically disadvantaged do not have photo IDs and do not have driver's licenses because they can't afford cars. There's definitely discrimination.’

The additional forms of ID that Ohio accepts aren't sufficient, McTigue said. Poor people often have landlords or housing agencies pay utilities, have no job and may not receive federal checks, he said.”

Let’s see – no rent, no job, no visible means of support, no means of documenting identity. Outside of illegal immigrants, this strikes me as a pretty small subset of the population. Last time I checked, you had to have some sort of proof of residency to get a library card. Seems like we might want to make the requirements for voting at least as rigorous.

But it can’t be much of a surprise that the unions are investing in lawsuits to protect their rights to stuffing the ballot box.