Thursday, July 13, 2006

North Korea

Has perfected the art of the non-negotiation-negotiation stall for time, and combined it with lunatic behavior and threats against just about everybody.

Of course, the world’s strong response will be to….. have the Security Council express deep concern over the present situation, along with threats to send more notes if N. Korea doesn’t behave.

Of course, Iran has picked up this page in the playbook in the mullah’s drive for the bomb as well. If all else fails, they can get the IAEA to fire any inspectors that actually do any, well, inspecting.

Since both North Korea and Iran have strong histories of support from both China and Russia, and Western appeasement and weakness (Carter’s Iranian Hostage Crisis, Albright’s visit to North Korea, Reagan’s withdrawal redeployment of the Marines from Beirut, Clinton’s withdrawal redeployment from Somalia, GHWB’s failure in the first Gulf War, etc., etc.) I wouldn’t be too optimistic about preventing either side from getting the bomb.