Sunday, July 30, 2006

Economics and Social Policy VI

Welcome to the July 30, 2006 edition of economics and social policy. I'm running late today; we celebrated Boring Daughter #3's birthday, so this carnival is even more "insta" than ususal.

Michael McCullough (Stingray) discusses tax cuts and increasing government revenue: Surprising Jump in Tax Revenues Is Curbing Deficit posted at Christianity and mental illness. Key quote: "Tax cuts spurring economic growth should be surprising in the same sense that hitting your head with a hammer hurts. Only dolts living in a fantasy land should think otherwise".

Steve Faber wonders Senator Clinton, What are You Thinking? on DebtBlog. As normal for Senators, little or no thinking occured.

John Rozewicki presents How Building a Giant Mansion for Yourself is Better Than Charity; Biltmore Estate posted at Supreme Narcissism, saying, "An article pointing out the significant benefits that can arise from what is painted in society as being fruitless; building a giant mansion."

Tim King presents Does Google Think It's Bigger Than the Market? posted at J. Timothy King’s Blog. Short answer, Yes.

Brandon Peele presents AR: Namaste Economics posted at GT. I'm not sure if this is satire, or simply wishful thinking and naivte on steroids.

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