Sunday, July 09, 2006

Economics and Social Policy III

Welcome to the July 9, 2006 edition of Economics and Social Policy.

David Hunter (The Business of America is Business) presents a two part email exchange with an MBA student.. As a MBA holder, I’m not surprised to see how vapid an irreflective these folk can be. But if you don’t understand profit maximization, or, more precisely, the context of profit maximization, you can’t have much claim on economic knowledge.

Tom Blumer from BizzyBlog chips in on Adult Stem Cell breakthroughs. I’ve long suspected that the main enthusiasm for embryonic stem cells comes from the need to provide additional justification for the current regime of abortion on whim. I’ll likely explore this further if I ever finish (start) my review on The Party of Death.

Dan Harris on China Law Blog comments on why China didn’t generate the benefits of the industrial revolution and became an economic backwater. The most important resource of any nation consists of the people. Free societies with property rights and the rule of law tend to develop. Unfree societies do not. One potentially missing variable here is the lack of Calvinism in China.

Lecentre (Centrerion Canadian Politics) has a good piece on Creative Taxing can save the Environment. The Philippe Ghayad piece quoted at length provides a good view into how the statist side of the debate will likely play out. It’s worth a read – the desire to reform society through the tax code is as old as the tax code.

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