Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Condemn Me! Persecute Me! Please!

Pretty please with sugar on it! I gotta book to sell!! Begs Kathleen McGowan, self-styled descendant of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. Simon and Schuster is betting on condemnation as well. The protestations of belief in her story on the part of her agents and publisher carry more than a faint whiff of cynicism, even across the faint medium of the USA Today.

This bit of opportunistic hucksterism isn’t worth any sort of condemnation, other than that appropriate for those seeking to cash in on the backs of others… (paging Dan Brown’s attorney, paging Dan Brown’s attorney…)

Is there a major theological issue with a nobody claiming to be a somebody in order to sell some otherwise unreadable tripe? Whilst there are certainly some commandments to bearing false witness, idolatry (and it’s tough to imagine a greater degree of idolatry than claiming to be a descendent of Christ), and service of mammon, generally speaking, opportunism and begging for condemnation deserve condemnation as, well, nincompoopery.