Sunday, January 29, 2006

What’s the Beta Value

Of a stock pitched via blast fax? Or perhaps we should call this “Five Warning Signs that you’re about to be fleeced”.

“Stocks Daily” utilizes this somewhat antique mechanism for separating the “investor” from his money. It’s more aggravating than spam – after all, it’s using my toner & paper (Warning sign #1 – using an ethically dubious mechanism of promoting your stock). Since these things just clutter up the inbox next to the fax until someone shows the gumption to throw them into the recyle bin, my guess is that the response rate is even lower than that of the Nigerian Oil Minister spam.

However, this one for the “Klegg Mini” caught my attention – it had Paula Abdul’s name stamped all over it (Warning sign #2 – relying on the charms of Paula Abdul to move your stock price in a positive direction). – That and the broken English: “MP3 Players is a SUPER-HOT Market!” … “The ‘Klegg Mini’ is gaining worldwide recognition daily. It has been redistributed or reprinted in several different languages…” (Warning sign #3 – no professional proofreading of the copy. How do you reprint a MP3 player? )

Surprisingly enough, Klegg appears to be more of a going concern than buying recycled toner cartridges of male enhancement products from a Nigerian oil minister – They have an actual website!!!. Though from the looks of this chart, the return on your investment is likely to be very similar. (Warning sign #4 – at the time of this post, the longest chart Yahoo had available was 5 days).

And now, the fine print:

“Disclaimer: Stocks Daily (SD) IS NOT an investment banker, Stockbroker, Broker Dealer, Financial Analyst, or Professional Financial Advisor of any kind. This report is a PAID ADVERTISEMENT…” (Warning Sign #5)