Monday, December 12, 2005

Warning! Warning! Excessive Hand-Wringing & Angst! Warning! Warning!

Salon’s Cary Tennis attempts to answer the musical question “Should I Leave Grad School to be an Activist?”.

Glenn Reynolds once remarked that commenting on Maureen Dowd was the bunny slope of blogging. Taking on Cary Tennis is less challenging. However, today Insty and others beat him like a rented mule. While there’s a certain irony involved in invoking Tiananmen Square in response to a letter by a communist, I suspect that from Mr. Tennis’ viewpoint, this was completely, if hilariously, unintentional.

More interesting is the alleged “letter” that serves as a set up for Tennis’ hyperventilating. As I believe Oscar Wilde once said in another context, you would have to have a heart of stone not to laugh at this bit of Dear-Abbyish-nonsense. I can easily understand the lure of beguiling less than bright co-eds with tales of the heroic struggles of people’s revolution, or some such nonsense, whilst getting paid by the state. Dreams of Chomsky-Lite celebrity dancing in his little head, or should he go the Nader route? Blonde or Brunette? Tastes Great, or Less Filling? Decisions, decisions.

That this anguished 40 watt bulb managed to get a teaching assistantship in Philosophy speaks directly to the degradation of the academy. Here we have this poor deluded soul who believes that Marx and Focult have some sort of relevance, apparently unaware that Marxism has been both responsible for millions of deaths and untold misery, as well as completely discredited as any sort of economic analysis. But dude, the dictatorship of the proletariat sounds cool, right?

It’s also humorus to note that, given that the dialectic is whatever Lenin, Stalin, Mao, or Castro say it is, there isn’t a farts worth of difference between using the forces of the historical dialectic to justify your actions, or simply the Divine Right of Kings. Slice it anyway you please, it’s all tyranny.

For all of the alleged political repression in this country, one notes the complete absence of any adverse consequences for any of these poor repressed souls. Somehow, Salon continues to be published, in spite of the sinister machinations against it.

Want to get a taste of real repression? Go to Havana & criticize Castro. China and complain about, well, almost anything endorsed by the party.

OBTW, who ever heard of a professor resigning a tenured position to protest something the American Government did? It may have happened, but seems beyond the character of most of the left.