Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Pho Shoots! He Scooooooorrrreeeessss!

In this piece on the PD’s disdain, and the ABJ’s response. Confession: I don’t read any of the Beacon Journal blogs. The only part of the paper I make it a point to read regularly is Terry Pluto.

Actually, the blog friendliest paper I’ve seen is the Washington Post. Most of their articles and Op-Eds will include a Technorati panel about who’s blogging in response. A completely unedited ‘letter to the editor’ feature.

He’s also right about the Dick Feagler column – it’s a mess. Tho Pho describes Feagler as "Old Fogey out of touch and proud of it", I prefer to think of him as the poor man’s version of an extremely untalented Andy Rooney. At least Andy can write – go read his WWII memoir, “My War” if you doubt.

In a more rational universe, the MSM and blogs are symbotes. The MSM desire for special guild priveleges and insulation from criticism, combined with the blogger’s desire for disdain for both, prevents anything like synergy.