Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I haven’t been following “Cool Mom”,

But 30 years sounds about right. Interesting to note that it’s not just a complete lack of morals, but poor judgement in other areas as well:

"Johnson was to have been sentenced September 26th, but that hearing had to be postponed after a serious traffic accident a day earlier. She and three children were hurt when the SUV they were riding in rolled down an embankment along Interstate 25.

A 14-year-old girl was behind the wheel, and one of the other children inside was Johnson's son.”
Here’s the timeline:

She pleads guilty on July 25.
She’s in a SUV, with children apparently not her own, on Sept 25 (and allows a 14 year old to drive). The crash is serious enough to put her in the hospital.
Sentenced on Nov 15.

This strongly suggests that she’s not the only parent in the Arvada area whose elevator doesn’t go to the top floor. After her guilty plea in July, why would you allow any child near this woman? I’m sure that her arrest and the drug / alcohol / sex parties were public knowledge prior to the plea. Simply allowing your child to be in unsupervised contact with this woman should open you up to the suspicion of child endangerment.