Friday, November 25, 2005

Here’s a Hint About Why Canada Went Down the Drain:

Men as looney as Paul Hellyer get responsible positions in government.

“Former Canadian Minister Of Defence Asks Canadian Parliament Asked To Hold Hearings On Relations With Alien "Et" Civilizations”

Apparently, Mr. Hellyer believes that “ethical” extraterrestrials are visiting earth on a regular basis, and the Cowboy Bush is going to shoot some down, starting “an intergalactic war”.

Mr. Hellyer must know more than he’s letting on, since it could easily be only an intragalactic war, and the aliens might not be ‘ethical’. If you don’t know or appreciate the difference between inter and intra, how are you going to know an “ethical” extraterrestrial when you see one? I think that we can pencil in the notion that for Mr. Hellyer, ‘ethical’ means social democratic liberal pacifist.

There are more that a couple of completely unexplored notions here.

The first, is that for the UFO enthusiast, UFOs are here so often that all interstellar roads must lead to Earth. I believe that it was Ray Bradbury who remarked that our UFO sighting records make Earth “look like the crossroads of the universe”.

Second, the ‘ethical’ ET is a complete article of faith, without basis in logic. Assuming the existence of Ets, they are either fallen or not. If they are not, we are of no interest. If they are, even the ‘ethical’ ones are likely to be highly destructive. ‘Ethical’ is also a pretty abstract concept – Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Castro, etc., no doubt all considered themselves ‘ethical’ as they defined it.

Third, advanced technology is no guarantor of moral superiority. This is a standard which Mr. Hellyer easily applies to America, but can’t quite grasp it’s application to Ets as well.

Fourth, If a race can design a ship capable of traveling many light years to get to Earth, it’s not likely to be fragile enough to be damaged by any weapon we have. Also, any such powerful drives would have Kzinti weapons application as well.

So, I’ve just burned off 350 words or so responding to a complete and utter looney, who, had he wasted sufficient time with decent science fiction as a child, wouldn’t be making an ass of himself today.

OBTW, endorsing anything proposed by Dennis Kucinich is to put oneself on the path to irrelevance. This is a man whose torching of Cleveland lead to decades of Republican dominance in Ohio.