Friday, November 25, 2005

Career Killer

Bill Richardson’s non-apology for repeatedly lying about being drafted by the KC A’s baseball team in 1966. How lame is this:

“’After being notified of the situation and after researching the matter ... I came to the conclusion that I was not drafted by the A's,’ Richardson said.”
Manfully conceded.

Note to Bill: Baseball teams contact their draftees. They make attempts to sign them. If you have been drafted, you don’t find out about it on a program from an old amateur team.

Time to adimit that you’ve been engaging in artificial resume inflation for 30-40 years. I’m not sure where this exactly fits on the Joe Biden Plagiarism Career Killer scoreboard, but it has to be pretty hith.

As apologies go, a pretty thorough Durbinizaiton.